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Bronze sculpture Old Ronin
Bronze sculpture Old Ronin
Kudelya 2013-2021
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Old Ronin
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Old Ronin.
Scale 1:16.
Height with the stand 13,5 cm.
Lost wax casting. Patination.

Rōnin was a samurai with no lord or master. A samurai became masterless because of the death or bankruptcy of his master, by losing his master's favor. A warrior having no obligations to his master, purposelessly wandering around like a sea wave thats rōnin, a title that literally translates as wave-man.
 Many of them liked their new lifestyle, as it granted far more freedom.
 Rōnins were ideal warriors because they had to rely on their own strength and be always prepared for a fight.
 Rōnins equipment unlike that of Samurai was quite simple only the most essential items. It's because they did not receive a salary. 
 Samurai as shown in Kurosawa's film "Seven Samurai" were actually Rōnins. They agreed to protect the villagers for food.

Bronze sculpture Old Ronin
Bronze sculpture Old Ronin
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