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The harpies shriek terribly as the bomb falls down, inflicting psychological harm in addition to physical havoc. The professor put them to double use: the harpies also provide air intake for his steam engines.

The indicator bezel can be lit with one of eight colors, with or without gradual color transitions.

There is an alarm function. 100% original handmade.

The clock uses an external power adapter.

The clock has three buttons:
  The central button chooses the function:

 1 press set hours
2 presses set minutes
3 presses set alarm hours
4 presses set alarm minutes 5 presses change bezel light color
6 presses normal mode

  The left button sets the next value
  The right button sets the previous value

The professor employed the most modern methods to produce his diabolical creation. For instance, to hit the target with greater accuracy, a steam drive for the stabilizers is used. The creation is waiting for its lucky day. Run for your lives!


Moriarty Clock
Handmade bronze cast figurine.

Product details
 Material: Bronze, patination, clockwork mechanism inside.

 Scale: 1:1
 Product Dimensions: 315 140 110 mm.
 Item weight: 2150 g.

Steampunk-styled clock (with a touch of gothic). The clock shape alludes to a bomb by the Great and Terrible Moriarty. The 1:1 scale model looks like the real professors invention a life-size programmable weapon.  

Kudelya 03.2021
Moriarty Clock
Moriarty Clock
Moriarty Clock
Moriarty Clock
Moriarty Clock