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About the scale

Stamp of Kudelya-Master
Personal stamp KM in 1997-2000 (zoomed)
Personal stamp KM since 2005 (zoomed)
Bronze sculpture
All sculptures are made with the lost-wax casting technology. The author reserves the right to perform small changes and additions to the sculptures.

Best wishes, Sergey Kudelkin

Personal stamps of Kudelya-Master

All sculptures by Kudelya-Master have the personal stamp. All products without the stamp
and all products with different stamps are not products by Kudelya-Master!

Maser- model
Scale art casting
Scale is defined as the proportion of the sculpture height to the usual physical height of the object (in this case, a soldier of 176-180 cm.). Longbowman (on the left) has the scale of 1:8
 Conquistador (on the right) has the scale of 1:16
For reference - diameter of the compact disc in the background is 12 cm.
Kudelya 2013-2021
Lost Wax Casting method